Monday, February 02, 2015

Sheep Love Snow

Sheep love to eat snow and many shepherds will stop putting out water when snow is available.  I have to keep watering the flock as the goats still need it along with the cats, dogs and chickens living in the barn.  This sheep is looking for grass underneath the snow.  It will be a long time before she's out on grass again. Little Louie, my Wensleydale ram, is camera shy and is running back into the barn.  We are forking hay morning and night.  I'm half way through the upper hay mow with at least three months of feeding to go.  Fingers crossed I'll have enough.  It's no fun to scramble for hay in April.

Smudge, my favorite hay mow kittie, always keeps me company while I fork hay.  She's staying up on the bales because Reba, my constant side kick, likes to harass the kitties.  It's a dog thing..

 The big barn doors are closed over the winter, but Reba manages to squeeze through the duck and kittie hole I leave open.  The little "wild" rabbit is living in the hay mow, too.  I call her Louise.  I haven't seen her in a week or so.  I hope she's okay.  Once in a while she comes out to watch me work.

 Reba always leads the way.  She is two steps in front of me or two steps behind me during my travels around the farm.  I absolutely adore her.  This is her farm.

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