Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Night

In from chores almost half past ten.  I've been working hard on my last few wool fleeces.  Much picking, washing, dyeing, washing again, more picking out the crap that I didn't get out the first time, spreading it out to dry in the sun.  This last run is Fire Engine Red and it's so pretty.  I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what colors to blend with it and can't really come up with anything I'm crazy about.  I'm known for my quirky colorful blends but this might be a solo red run.  I've got another 30 pounds or so to ship to the carding mill, making this fall's wool run the biggest I've done in a long time.  That's okay - it doesn't go bad and I'll spin until the cows come home.

Am very much enjoying the fresh blueberries I picked up at the farmer's market yesterday.  They come from Whitney Point and are delicious.  So delicious they are gone.

Spouse got back on the hrududu and ran the brush hog over a good bit of the field I've been calling Thistledom.  If I could have hitched up the brush hog and figured out how to start the very tricky double clutch 1946 8N I would have done it myself.  The foot is still a problem but he couldn't stand the looks of the field any longer either.  The spoiled rotten goats should have eaten the thistles but that would be cooperating a little too much.  Back to Summer School in the morning.  Funny how Summer School doesn't feel like summer at all.  Four more weeks but who's counting?  I'm falling in love with the little ones to be sure, but I love my summer on the farm even more.  

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