Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hay is Life

Thanks to Julia Berger's son, Paul, I have fifty lovely, fragrant round bales in the hay mow.  Paul mowed on Thursday and started feathering the rows on Friday.  By Friday afternoon, with the hot, breezy weather so perfect for haying, Paul started baling the grass.  I went to the market on Saturday morning and came home to find Matt and Paul's girlfriend rolling the bales into the mow.  This year's bales are smaller due to the new baler Julia purchased which rolls them tighter.  That gives us room to fit more round bales in the mow, which Julia will bring me from another field.  You can't have too much hay in the barn!  This morning I woke up to the sound of soft, rolling thunder and a gentle rain - just what a farmer loves to hear AFTER the hay is high and dry in the mow.  I will have fat and happy sheep and goats through the winter.  

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