Sunday, July 27, 2014

Baby Bunnies!

I think it's safe to announce that I have four chubby little English Angora bunnies in the nest.  My new doe purchased at the Bouckville festival is a fantastic mother.  I was not sure she allowed herself to be bred as she didn't immediately take to the handsome fawn buck I introduced her to.  I think she was just a bit shy.  These babies are so cute I can hardly stand it.  When I found one out of the nest on the wire I decided to take pictures.  They are almost ready to open their eyes.  For years and years I knitted "bunny mittens" with one strand angora fiber and one strand wool.  Hannah and Luke always had a pair to keep their little hands warm.  I adore angora/wool socks inside my cold, clammy barn boots in the winter.  

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