Wednesday, May 07, 2014


I had the odd sensation of watching long lines at Bab's Superwash Yarn, right next to my booth, all weekend.  I came away resolved to continue raising my own lovely British Long Wool fiber.  The yarn Bab sells is superwash Merino, which is so processed it hardly seems like yarn to me.  The colors are very pretty I have to say.  I wonder if it knits itself?  They have quite a following as people stood in a long line that stretched out the building for hours to get it, sometimes holding infants in their arms the whole time.  Bab's is out of Tennessee.  The Merino probably comes from Australia, where the sheep are either killed for meat or sent to Saudi Arabia to be killed in a horrific Islamic ritual.  Yes, it's true.  I'll have to find the NY Times expose' published a few years back.  Nobody believes me, or cares, but I do.  I want my yarn to come from spoiled rotten sheep who live their lives on a peaceful pasture and are never shipped anywhere - like my sheep!

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