Friday, May 16, 2014

Storm Coming

My beautiful apple trees are blooming, finally.  This is a precarious time for the little flowers that will turn into luscious apples for my sheep, and me, to eat.  We could still have a killing frost, even in late May or early June.  This is upstate New York.  We could still have snow.  Right now there is such a deluge of rain coming down all day I am, once again, thanking my lucky stars that I am on high ground.  All the sheep are high and dry in the barn.  I don't think I will let them out to graze tonight.  I still have some hay to give them.  They are going to be shorn June 7 and I don't want the heavy wool fleeces to felt.  I'm sure there will be local flooding.  Weather forecast for tomorrow is good which I can hardly believe looking out the window now.

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