Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tyler's Bag

I have a middle school student who loves to sew and it has really helped us build a positive relationship.   He has made two fabric bowls to put his spent cartridges and shot gun shells in and did a terrific job.  Tyler asked if he could make a bag for his mother.  It took a couple of weeks but we got it done.  This lovely silk/linen messenger style tote is lined with durable Gunlocke office furniture upholstery fabric.  I can't wait to hear how "Mom" likes it.  I have two more guys in the same art class waiting to sew totes for their moms.  They think sewing is cool.  I told them throughout history soldiers have carried sewing kits with them to repair uniforms damaged by bullet holes and tears.  I can't sew with all the students as it takes complete one-on-one attention to the one doing the sewing, but I try.  The results are wonderful.

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