Friday, May 16, 2014

Walking With the Piggies

Sue Ellen and Scarlett follow us whenever we go for walks on the farm.  Sue Ellen is much more friendly than Scarlett and asks to have her back scratched.  Scarlett bolts when I try to pet her.  Both girls ask for food when they are hungry.  They are really enjoying the green grass.  Tamworths are also called "Irish Grazers" and are aptly named.  I don't mind them grazing but they will dig holes in the pasture to eat roots and other tasty tidbits under the ground.    Sue Ellen followed us through the old apple orchard, to the Hidden Pond, to the way back field, and back to the barn.  She is delightful company and walks with her head down, looking shy, or maybe watching out for something to eat on the ground.

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