Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Full Moon

I lost track of the moon then there it was - huge and round - in the daylight!  It's staying light so late the daytime eclipsed the moon rise.  Spring is full speed ahead with the pasture so lush and green.  Hot, sunny days with plenty of moisture in the ground is making the grass grow in abundance.  The sheep are so happy, and so am I.  They get a lot of their water from the green grass and we don't have to tote as much around the barn.  I'm busy working with fiber, taking advantage of this warmth and light to dry it outside.  I'm not comfortable with leaving it outside when I got to work, even with a wire rack over it, as rain/wind storms can blow in quickly.  I'm dyeing some kid/yearling colored mohair a lovely mustard yellow which leaves the fiber a dark gold.  I get ideas for roving runs, using only the fiber I have on hand and dyes I have on the shelf.  Once a year I put a bulk order in to Dharma and use it throughout the season.  I'm excited about this run as I have a lot of black Bluefaced Leicester that I'll variegate with gold, green, orange and blue mohair.  It should be very soft and interesting.  The black wool will mute the colors.  I'm dyeing any black wool with sunlightened ends blue.  The tips are lovely.  I'm easily bored with mono-colored fiber blends.  I like to take my fiber out in the sun and see many strands of colors within.  Big day at work tomorrow.  It's time for the annual roller skating trip to Interstate 88.  I am certified to drive the youngin's, having peed in a cup for the powers that be to determine that I am clean and sober.  Don't know if I'll skate this year, with the sciatica driving me nuts and my trick ski-knee bedevilling  me.   Think I'll bring some knitting needles and yarn to spark some interest among the non-skaters in the snack bar area.  We'll see how that goes...

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