Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Warm Fuzzies

Scarlet and Sue Ellen are settling in nicely.  They do a lot of napping in their fluffy haystack.  When they are not napping they are exploring the long run they live in, behind the stanchions, along the wall.  They can run races up and down if they want.  The sheep, goats, ducks and chickens keep them amused.  I see the girls putting their noses up against the fence to say hello.  When they are not napping they are eating.  I mix their pig slop with lots of hot water to make a warm slurry.  Oh, do they enjoy dipping their noses in a sloshing it around, savoring every morsel.  I've always given my pigs all they want to eat.  I'm enjoying the girls and hope to get to know them a little better over Christmas.   The Studio Art Bake Sale is tomorrow.  We've been working very hard in school to get ready for it.  I must say we will put out a very impressive array of cookies and FUDGE.  I will purchase what is left over to bring to Maine on Christmas.  I won't like leaving my animals, including Scarlet and Sue Ellen, but I won't be gone long.  Night-night Piggies.  It's time for me to turn in, too.  Sweet dreams...

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