Friday, December 06, 2013

Making a List...

When everything I have to do seems so overwhelming I make a list to get it straight in my head. Tomorrow is the fabulous Plowshares Peace Festival, sponsored by the Syracuse Peace Council.  These dedicated people are the hardworking activists that keep us informed and protest against the evil doings of The Dark Side.  "Plowshares" is a big, multicultural party with upscale crafts of all kinds, an international cafe, activist booths including the local indigenous tribes, and musical entertainment.  I love it.  Kimmie Cornerstone is coming from Kingston to help me get ready (a Herculean job) and Mia might possibly make it tomorrow (weather permitting).  I'm starting to get very excited but before I can get to work on the show, I have to get to work around here.  I took a personal day, something I rarely do, to stay home and get it done.  On deck for today...

Scrambled duck eggs for breakfast from the one girl who I am sure is laying, out of almost twenty ducks.

Fork down hay  to the feeders from the hay mow, which requires climbing a ladder and jumping from round bale to round bale across the barn.  Somehow we forgot to leave a path when loading up the bales from the field.

Feed the bunnies.

Feed the ducks and chickens, change the forever dirty duck water.

Water the sheep which requires filling many big kitty litter containers and carrying them out to the barn.  I will start using the new hose soon but that requires recoiling and bringing it inside the milk room so it doesn't freeze, a pain in the neck.
Feed the barn kitties.  Yes, I feed them.  That way they are bigger and stronger for killing the rats.

Scrape some poo.  Yes, this is the land of poo.  There is no escape.  If I feed them, they will poop.

After all of the above, yes, and a scrub for this dirty girl, I can get to work on the show.  Will be back later.  Maybe, that is, if I don't slip down between two round bales and I have to yell, "Help I've fallen and I can't get up!!"   I could scream and scream and there would be nothing but whining dogs, quacking ducks, crowing roosters and baaing sheep to answer me.  But that's not going to happen.

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