Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brrrr...and Grrrrr...

Roads covered when I went to school, snowed all day, roads covered going home.  Are they nuts?  The poor bus drivers.  Can you imagine sliding down an icy hill with a bus full of screaming kids?  My version of hell.  Made it home safely after one of  those days.  We are baking in earnest for the Holiday Art Suppy Fundraising Bake Sale in school.  One of the little monsters turned up the oven thermometer to 450 and burned up two large sheets of cookies, then another tore up the giant artsy Bake Sale poster we've been working on for two days when I dared question who did it.   I am beyond disgusted.  So glad to be away from them and home with my animals.  The barn is frozen.  It was minus 11 when I went to bed last night and I know it dipped much colder over night.  The hot water pipe is frozen now.  I think I could get my barn a few degrees warmer if I could just cover a couple of holes.  The piggies were asleep this morning in a nest they made for themselves in the hay.  I love those girls.  

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