Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh, Fudge!

We made fudge in Studio Art today.  We are having a bake sale on Thursday to raise money for art supplies.  I haven't made fudge in years and years.  We always made it with my mother at Christmas to give to our teachers. It's the easiest thing in the world to make, and sooo delicious.  On deck for tomorrow, pfeferneuse cookies, thumbprint cookies and sugar drop cookies.   Oh, yes, we have to make signs too.  The signs will have to be creative and eye-catching. After all, we are the Art Department.  Cooking with my students is very interesting.  The kids would much rather be cooked for than cook themselves...and the cleaning up process, well, that is another thing altogether.   The little ones I have in the morning are much more amenable to cooking and baking, and would probably wash dishes if we didn't run out of time.   The big kids I have in the afternoon are the price I have to pay for having the cute little ones in the morning.

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English sheep gal said...

HI Maggie, greetings from an equally snowy Western NY (I live nr Buffalo) haven't had chance to catch up with your blog for a little while, I chose a great time to check in with the lovely yarn pictures, and the arrival of the Tamworths, farmer friends in the UK used to breed them, pigs are so good at snuggling into the hay and making wonderful contented noises.

The last few times I've been on the blog, if I try to move backwards to older posts, or even close the blog webpage an alert comes up along the lines of 'Are you sure you want to leave this page, etc etc etc I will show you how to monetize your site' I'm not too computer savvy, and have no idea if you put this link up deliberately, but wanted to mention it in case you were not aware of it, and it's something sinister like a virus. Safe travels this Christmas, look forward to seeing how the bunny mittens work out.