Saturday, November 09, 2013


I drove to work in snow yesterday and watched pretty little flakes come down all day long.  Came home to find the fields covered with a heavy dusting of snow.  The sheep are always waiting at the gate to go out and graze.  Yes, we still have grass, although it's not growing much and time for hay feeding is close at hand.  What a banner years it's been for grass.  No sheep at the gate.  They know it's time for hay feeding, too.  I felt badly for them but don't want to put out hay until my hay feeders are set up. Right now the giant water tank I scored from Chris Kupris is filled with composted hay and weighs a ton.  Spousal unit is still laid up with back trouble from the time he helped catch sheep for the shearer.  A load of wood is coming today and I don't know how we are going to get it stacked.   The man who is dropping it off must be eighty years old.  That leaves Maggie.  Good thing I'm a big strong girl.  I spent a while giving Lilly and gang the apples sent home by Sharon Winans, my friend at school.  She perked up like a light bulb when she saw the apples.  Lilly must be 11.  She is withered and thin but still runs over to greet me and get her back scratched when I open the gate, even though she's been without food all day.  I adore Lilly.  Her mother, Harmony, just passed away last spring at the age of 13 plus, very old for a sheep.  I can't imagine losing my Lilly.  If you saw her slicing those apples open with her big teeth you would think she's going to around for a while. It was a pleasant way to spend some time with my sheep after a loooong week.  It feels weird not to bomb out of here to the farmer's market.  I'm so glad for my time on the farm to tidy up the place.  Spouse brought home Chinese last night and I'm eating it for breakfast.  What a relief not to come up with dinner last night.  The mice have eaten so many wires in my oven it won't turn on.  I can carry food out through the barn to the dye stove but that's no fun.  Will likely cook Thanksgiving dinner that way.   I hope the mice are happy.  No leftovers in the oven for them to snack on.  Lizzie and Portia are doing their best to catch the mice, but they are wily creatures who know where to hide.  Will get my act together and set out for the feed mill in Waterville.   Will sit down to sew tonight no matter what...So much fabric, so much wool, so little time.

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