Sunday, November 10, 2013


Yes, I have a favorite kitty and her name is Lizzie.  Portia, Cassidy and Petunia are close seconds, but there is something about Lizzie.  I am partial to tortoise shell patterned kitties and calico kitties.  The Kitty Cadre is very important here on the farm.  We would be overrun by rats, mice and pigeons without the cats.  When I first moved in with the sheep the rats said Oh Boy, it's chow time, and started moving in from the fields.  I found rat bodies here and there where the kitties went to work.  Last week a giant rat was placed by the door of the barn as if to say, see, this is why you keep us.  I've lived through a horrible rat infestation at the last place I lived, where the rats chewed up the wires under our cars, stole the rabbits food, and climbed up the walls behind my bed.  I traded a goat for a Jack Russell Terrier (that was Pip) but he couldn't fly.  The rats would sit up on the rafters and laugh at him.  Kitties can fly.  They climb to the highest point in the barn, the ridge pole, to chase away the pigeons.  Some kitties follow us around the fields when we walk with the dogs.  Smudge, Cassidy and Strawberry are the trail kitties.  They brave the wet grass and playful dogs to keep up with us.  This morning Lizzie posed so beautifully for me, then launched herself through the air to perch on my shoulder for the rest of the walk.  Luckily I had a thick tweed coat on, or her grip on me would have been painful.  She ain't heavy, she's my Lizzie.

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