Sunday, November 10, 2013


Decided to roll out a round bale of hay.  We did okay for a cripple and an old lady.  Locked up the dogs so they wouldn't get crushed then wedged myself between and behind to use my legs and get it moving.  Yes, we have a tractor but it doesn't have an implement for round bales.  I usually fork it down a hole into hay feeders but I'm still waiting for the Wilcox gang to come and clean out the barn.  I'm worried about the sheep getting enough grass.  They are finding plenty as they come in with bellies bulging but I am the Italian mama of the sheep world.  Once we got it rolling it went almost all the way to the gate.  Had to roll it back a bit to get the gate open.  The hay is beautiful.  I'm surprised the flock didn't come running back to the barn to get at it.   I mashed last night's curried rice and canned cat food into a lovely slurry for the cats and took it out to the barn.   Found a cute little kitten gnawing on a big dead rat.  I feed my cats plenty but they still catch the nasty buggers.  Good work kitties!  I'm building up a giant bag of chartreuse wool I've decided to take to Heather and her crew at Dreamweaver for spinning into yarn.  I just can't spin all my wool myself.  I've got a substantial amount
of pound balls of carded wool.  Dreamweaver does a fantastic job and I can stop there on my way home from work.  I'll be supporting a local business with NY State wool and providing knitters with yarn from happy, live sheep.    Proximity means everything when you are rushing home to a farm.

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