Thursday, November 07, 2013


Raining this morning.  The sheep are all in the barn, which is a good thing as I went to sleep without locking them up last night.   They put themselves to bed after grazing.  I won't have to go up the hill and do a round up.  I love having a roof over them when it rains, or sleets, or snows.  The aged horse - now 41 I think - is still in the field down the road with her youngster and a few cows.  I hated watching them endure the weather last winter without even a lean-to to break the wind.  I offered the absentee owner my barn but she declined.  I still have a couple of goats to clip, but with winter coming I will do a trimming that will leave them some cover.  They need their worming and hoof trimming.  I've been very lazy lately, and sitting on the sofa with the doggies after dinner and chores.  Ten to twelve is usually a productive time for me but after Rhinebeck I lost my mojo.  With two more shows this year I have to get it back.   I think I might have a farm sitter for Thanksgiving which means spouse can drive me to Maine, something I would rather not do alone with potential for snow, etc.  It takes a very special person to take on this crazy farm, even for three days.   

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