Sunday, November 17, 2013


Started forking down hay today.  We forgot to leave a path through the round bales to the back of the barn where the hole is.  I had to climb up on a round bale and hop from bale to bale to the east end.  Reba and Tanner managed to wiggle through and found me at the end.  Half of one of last year's bales was at the hole so I through that down to the hungry sheep.  They loved it.  I don't think they are going to have any problem with going on a hay diet.   I did a little Christmas shopping today at Barb Taylor's Tack and Field.  She was having a sale and I wanted to stop in and say hello anyway.  Barb is just so cool.  There were big fat kittties lying around the shop like they owned the place.  I had to move a couple to look at things.  Motored over to Hamilton for feed and food.  The farmer's market square looked so bleak and empty.   Home to make Tea Tree soap.  Oh, I love the stuff.  Hoping to make a batch of Peppermint after school tomorrow.  I need soap for holiday shows and my own gift giving.  Soap is indeed the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving.  Weird weather today, warm and windy.   I'm so sensitive to the changes in barometric pressure.   I put out sheep minerals tonight.  They go nuts over the molasses flavored kind I get.  I gave out apples with Lilly front and center.  I really have to watch my fingers with the girls chomping away.   It makes me happy to see their eyes light up.  I know what I'll be stopping in the village for on my way home tomorrow.

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