Friday, November 01, 2013


Living in a rural area the darkness is darker.  I like it that way, as the moon and stars are so much more important to us....and candles.  I love candles.  Used to make my own soy candles but now I am very much enjoying beeswax candles.  I've been buying lots of hand dipped tapers at the farmer's market, along with bars of wax to make my own.   It's trickier than you think.  You need just the right wick, and the right size container to make the candle burn efficiently.  We are blessed with many beekeepers around here so I don't have to raise my own bees - yet.  I really shouldn't get into yet another "messy" craft, but I would love to keep bees.  I adore honey and have been stockpiling for the winter along with the candles and wax.  It doesn't go bad and has lovely anti-bacterial qualities along with the sweetness.  Beeswax candles are smokeless and smell so nice, with no additives whatsoever.  An older farmer (like me) named Gary makes beautiful, tall tapers with his own wax over the hill in Morrisville.  He's offered to loan me his dipping equipment to do it with my students.  I'm considering it.  It's off to work now.  Spouse is home working on wood.   I like when someone is here on the farm while I'm gone.  So many entities that need watching out for.  I hope it's an easy day at school as I am a bit knackered from all the Halloween activities.  Very last market day tomorrow, with the weather forecast a bit iffy.  High, warm, wind and scattered showers.   I'll decide what to do in the morning.  Want to buy more candles and honey before the clock changes and the darkness closes in.  

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Aaron Joshua Oliver said...

I wonder if Holy Myrrbearers makes beeswax candles. A lot of monasteries do.