Thursday, November 21, 2013


It may be only nine-thirty but I feel like it's midnight.  I was hoping to make soap tonight but after coming in from chores I don't think so.  Got home in the dark at five after several stops...lye at the homestead store, pick up labels at the printer, stop in The Pink Door hospital thrift next door to printer to check for Harris Tweed.  No NT but got a herringbone tweed wool jacket that I can def. use along with two sweaters, two turtlenecks and a second jacket for $8 and change.  Ridiculous.  Three more stops at the Post Office, gas station and Dollar Store then I could finally make my way home.  It was dark at 5 and i wondered if I should let the sheep out.  Figured they would tell me if they wanted to stay in the barn.  They took their time coming out but they are still grazing after nine.  Soon the snow drifts will prevent them from climbing the hill.  I think it's good exercise for them now.  After dinner and chores I didn't really have much fuel left myself.  Wanted to make Patchouli and Anise soap tonight.  Don't think so.  My aide has been out all week and I had the third sub in today.   Many absentee staff including the principal and special ed. secretary.  I might not have a sub at all tomorrow.  Won't I be hopping around like a jack rabbit...

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