Friday, October 11, 2013


Nice young principal decided we should all hike up the lumber trail leading to the pond on top of the big hill behind the school.  It's about a mile almost straight up.  I thought it was a good idea and, being the oldest teacher there, I was determined to put in a good effort.  Unfortunately it was after lunch on one of the days when the Culinary department cooks for the teaching staff...and they are fantastic cooks.  The food is cheap and plentiful.  It slowed me down a bit but I made it up without too much huffing and puffing, saving my dignity.  Home to take the doggies out for their walk, also up my own big hill.  I was trying to beat the flock of goats who make a beeline for the sorghum planted at the top of my land.  They have more to eat than I've ever had on the ground and growing on trees but they want what is not theirs.  I am still baffled why someone with ninety beautiful acres of her own would come all the way over here, miles away, and rent a field to plant, requiring moving equipment long distances.   My sheep and goats are locked up all day and the first thing I do when I get home is let them out.  The sheep spread out across the lush hillside but the goats shoot into the woods, bypassing the apples on the ground in the orchard, right up to the sorghum with me and the dogs in hot pursuit.  I have Reba kind of trained to cut them off, but she doesn't quite go the distance if I am far away.  I keep yelling "Get them, Reba!!" and she runs a bit then turns and looks back for more orders.    If I get close enough she will turn them around.  We are working on it.   I really like the owner of the sorghum and am a bit resentful that she did this.  It is her right to rent a field and plant what she wants, but there is land all over Brookfield that she could have chosen.  Miles and miles and miles of it.   And it would require miles and miles of fencing for me to put up to keep them off it, but I have no choice.  It was in the plan anyway...but not just now.    On deck for the weekend...farmer's market, and much work on the farm.  Big Jim Baldwin is coming Monday morning to shear those big black monsters the guys couldn't catch the last time he was here to shear.  Don't know what makes me think I'm going to catch them this time, but I have some ideas...  I also have some goats to shear including big fat Monkey who is old and mean.  It would take me hours to shear her with my scissors her bulk is so vast.  The housework is piled up but what else is new?    I think I'll sit down and sew a bit right now.  My favorite power tool is very empowering.  Some chai vanilla tea will help I think.

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