Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random Saturday Night Thoughts

Great Hamilton market day.  Almost didn't go as the weather report said snow showers and it was pretty cold this morning.  Spouse didn't want to go but I told me I was going anyway.  Sandy McGuire was bringing her Bundaflicka tote for me to sew on the button that came off.  I was really surprised to hear that a button came off.  I sew them on with warping thread which is very strong.  We arrived quite late but other vendors had waited to see what was going on with the weather so we were not the only ones tardy.  People were coming into the booth before we had finished setting up and traffic was steady.  God bless the Colgate parents.  If they want something they buy it.  I was able to stock up on beeswax candles, honey, sweet cream butter and my favorite aged Gouda cheese from Jake's farm.  I have some frozen to bring to Annie and Eric's for Thanksgiving.  With this sudden turn of the weather I think I should bring Christmas gifts when we go for Thanksgiving in case we don't make it through the snow at Christmas.  Susanne Farrington was thrilled to sell a few felted hats today.  I love to see what she does with the wool I trade her for cups and bowls.  She took some new roving with her today and I got enough cups for upcoming shows and holiday gifts.  I love the beeswax candles I bought from an older gentleman from Morris.  He hand dips them himself from his own wax and sells two for $6.  They burn clean with a lovely scent.  He works the booth with his 7th grade grandson who sells hot potatoes dipped in melted butter along with mulled cider.  The line was long due to the cold but the boy didn't show a bit of nervousness as he took money, made change and gave people their food.  That boy is going places.  Sandy came and I sewed her button on.  I adore that woman and wish we had more time to spend together.  She lives on the other side of Brookfield and works as a pediatric nurse.  Between my job and my sheep, and her job and her mules, we don't have a lot of time to fool around.  If I could get spouse to let me have a dinner party (yeah, right)  I would invite Sandy and Leon over.  They are cool beans.  Ahhh...dinner parties.  I used to "entertain" when I had my big colonial house in Morristown with a real dining room, etc.  Those days seem long, long ago in another galaxy.  The market day ended with record sales.  The whole summer was better than previous years.  Don't know why.  Some days I would sit there all day and hardly make a hundred dollars for my trouble.  Definitely took a turn for the better.  I had some Joann's coupons burning a hole in my pocket so I took a ride up to New Hartford to pick up thread, etc.  Came home with some neat stuff including Sculpey clay to make my signature Bundaflicka buttons - half price - along with a pair of new scissors (what joy!) and some new dressmaker pins.  Mine are all bent over from sticking them through layers of thick fabric.  I have been bending them straight but that's no fun.  I'm a little depleted after two solid weeks of work and shows.  Need to make a cup of tea and put my feet up tonight.  The sheep are still on green grass thank the goddesses.  This time last year I had been feeding hay for weeks.  Haven't touched the hay mow yet.  And this year I will have ample feeders between the new ones Daryl Parkinson made for me and the used ones Liz Vermuelen offered me.  Things are looking up.  I am dyeing some lovely and soft Romney that Kim picked up at the fleece sale at Rhinebeck. I asked her to go look for some nice white wool and she had a wonderful time of it.  I love a nice Romney with the open crimp.   It doesn't take up the dye as well as BFL, very strange since I'm using tons of vinegar.  Have to order my citric acid from Dharma.  The chartreuse wool I brought to Rhinebeck fairly flew out of the booth.  Didn't bring home a hair of it.  The lovely teal and orange stayed on the rack.  Go figure.  I'm very happy to have brought home the kid mohair fleeces.  They will go into the dye pots very soon.  All drying will take place indoors now as we lost the sun.  The wood stove heat makes for great drying but the kitties and puppies love it for napping.  Have to clear off the table in the store room and turn the baseboard heater up with the ceiling fan going.  That gets it dry.  Maryland Sheep and Wool is right around the corner...

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