Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sitting for a Minute

The kitty water froze on the front porch last night as well as the duck water on the north side.  That's a reality check for me. I'm not afraid of winter this year as much as I have been prior to.  I know it's coming no matter what and I'm going to deal with it.   No one is bred so no babies will freeze.  As long as I put out enough hay and fresh water everyone should be okay.  The barn is not cleaned out yet, but I'm hopeful the guys who promised to do it will come with their equipment.  It would be wonderful not to walk through my barn bent over.  It's a hobbit barn now.   Once the poo mixed with hay is spread on the fields I can bring the ducks and dogs in.  We will all be living together under the same roof.   It's very European.  Time for chores now.  Knut is barking that I want my dinner and I want it NOW bark.  The barn kitties are sitting around the doors waiting for me to come out and mix kitty stew.  The ducks and goats want their cracked corn.  The sheep are still out on pasture and the goats know it.  Now is their chance to get some corn before the big beasties push them out of the way.  I don't give my flock a lot of corn.  Hay is better for them and keeps them warmer as it combusts inside them.  This is the first year I will have enough hay feeders - thanks to Daryl Parkinson and Liz Vermuelen, a local shepherd who has downsized her flock.  I have a new rubber hose to drag around.  Hay makes sheep thirsty.  I watched them drink from the pond today after I let them out when I got home.  That will only last another month or so until the pond freezes over.  I better get out to chores.  The cycle of life on the farm continues.

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