Saturday, October 05, 2013


The kitties were happy to have us home today.  The weather was not supportive of a trip to the Hamilton market today, besides, I was a little under the weather myself.  A looooong week with donating blood before I came home yesterday had me a little knackered to say the least.  I spent most of the morning mopping floors - a pennace for spending too much time at school and working on things I would rather do at home.  The afternoon was all about soap.  My almond soap is divine to work with.  It always sets up beautifully and is a joy to cut.  The Clary Sage is a different story.  It's powerful stuff, reputed to sooth a woman's hormonal troubles.  I made the mistake of taking a good sniff of it a couple of nights ago before I poured it in the pot of molten soap.  I felt it in my brain and was wide awake almost to dawn.  The next day at school was not easy.  I have more respect for the herbal oils I use now.  A long walk up the hill in the cloudy misty evening was delightful after being inside all day.  Some desperate wailing coming from the woods led us to a fallen down tree with little Bubbafette, Fancy's male Nugora baby, stuck underneath.  Thank goodness we took that walk.  He was between two limbs of a big tree, unharmed.  Not all animal debacles end so well around here.  Will try to get up early tomorrow and do some sewing, which I adore, but have not had nearly as much time to do lately.  Way down on totes, but getting up on soap. 

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