Thursday, October 17, 2013

Almost Ready

I don't know how I could have worked any harder for this show.  I have way too much to bring but more is better than less.  I have more raw fleeces this year, but they take up a lot of room in a booth that will be brimming over as it is.  I'm leaving a spouse who is laid up with a bad back, the result of catching four giant monster sheep when we sheared on Monday.  Four Bassett offices were booked solid so we went to the ER in Hamilton.  He has meds to last until I get back.  The doggies will help him hold down the sofa.  I sure hope everybody else holds on until I return.  I'm very sad that Annie, Hannah and Mia are all missing this year.  I was hoping this show would turn out to be a family affair but that isn't looking very likely.  Kim and Daryl are coming, my faithful friends, and we'll be fine, but I know people will ask for Hannah and her fabulous needle felting demonstrations. 
Annie is such a terrific accountant, and Mia is a ray of sunshine that lures everyone into the booth.  They all have busy lives, too.

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