Monday, November 21, 2011


Reba, the bloodhound/coonhound/beagle we found in the neighbor's field, is settling in very nicely. I just can't imagine how she ended up in a field by herself with no collar or tags. She is such a home-body and loves being in the house, sleeping on the sofa, or watching me cook. Reba follows us everywhere we go and doesn't run away. When I take the dogs out Reba does her business and runs back to the house with me. I really appreciate that behavior, especially when it's in the wee hours of the morning and the cold wind is blowing hard. She has taken a particular liking to Matt and gets real excited when he comes home. One thing we can't figure out is why Reba does not bark. Not even when she hears something outside and the other dogs are barking like crazy. Matt heard her bark once, a woof-woof, at something across the road. That's the only time in the three weeks or so that we've had her. I can't imagine a coon/bloodhound/beagle not barking. Just doesn't seem right. I don't mind. Reba has a good home with us, if no one claims her


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