Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mother Moon

It is so bright outside you can almost read a book. The waxing gibbous is lighting up the sky beautiful. There are feathery wisps of clouds here and there, with a lingering jet stream or two. Venus is glowing orange, although she was more visible last night. The growing moon glow is not diminishing Jupiter, who is following his Moon-Mate across the sky. I can appreciate the sky much more in the country. The wide open fields and giant hillside make for an enormous sky and fabulous viewing of celestial bodies. I try to ignore the city-slicker neighbors across the road who have a flood light on. I keep the barn as dark as possible so as not to diminish the moonlight. I can just imagine what it looks like up in the Adirondacks. Soon we'll have a snowy landscape, lit up by moonlight. There is nothing more beautiful...well, the aurora borealis would help. I hope to see it in my lifetime.

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