Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Window

Our "Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night" window is coming along nicely.  It is simple and understated, yet beautiful, just like the story it depicts.  We had quite a few compliments on our primitive felted sheep.  The burlap bag lining the bottom looks good.  Mrs. White, our school librarian, set up a screen to show The Nativity Story continuously in the window.  The movie gave me the idea for this display.  I tell everyone who asks that the angel Gabriel first told the shepherds of the birth of the baby Jesus.  Yes, shepherds, and their sheep, are very special and are as old as time itself.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

Love it!!!!! Tell your students they did an awesome job :)
Kim and the crew

miaaviva said...

It came out so beautifully!!!
xoxoxo love it!
best holiday decor i've seen so far!