Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Making Sheep

Yes, I keep sheep but in school we are making sheep. Our librarian invited us to make a holiday display in the library window case. I took the liberty of picking a sheep theme and calling it "Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night" after the Bible verse and popular hymn. Robin, my trusty aide, and I experimented with a design for wooly sheep the students can make without too much trouble and fuss. We'll roll up my Rambouillet roving into balls and gently mash them in warm water and soap to make them felt. Black felt will be glued on to make ears and faces. Hopefully tooth picks painted black will be enough to stand them up. We plan on making a rolling, paper mache landscape for the sheep to stand on with their shepherds. Little silver stars will be pasted to the sky along with dangly white lights. We'll fashion a larger Star of Bethlehem and position the sheep to be looking in that direction. I'm excited about this activity and the opportunity to put my student's names on the display. Pictures to follow, ofcourse.

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