Friday, November 04, 2011

One More Market Day

Tomorrow is the last day of this year's Hamilton Farmer's Market. I'm planning on going, and have the silk underwear and heavy wool pants ready. I better throw in bunny mittens and Kimmie Cornerstone's famous handspun Rambouillet earflapper hat. It will be a cold morning, indeed. I want to put out these recent fabulous bags and see what happens. I'm hoping to pick up a good supply of Robin Mizrahi's incredible homemade granola. Maybe Candace and Chris will be there, and, as always, my veggie-man, Ron Wagner. My students are enjoying soup made with his cabbage every day. Robin's granola is delicious in milk or as finger food. Commercial granola just can't compare. I'll make some creme tonight after chores. I've been using it as underarm deodorant and find it to be better than any rub-on stick I've ever used. No sweat - no odor. Could it be the lavender? Or the Borax? don't know and don't care. One less thing I have to purchase for myself. I'll always have my hand creme in the house. I found a fabulous, long, warm, wool tweed man's overcoat at Mrs. B's consignment shop and "warehouse" in Norwich for $12.00. Nice surprise - Kathryn MacNichol, local shepherd, shearer, and weaver, has a studio in Mrs. B's place. I asked Kathryn to help me get my Swedish floor loom warped and working. She said she would come here and do it - I was thrilled. I'm really anxious to start weaving my fabulous mohair and sell rugs from my booth at Maryland. I just have to get the walls and ceiling painted and the pine floor installed in the room adjacent to the apartment, then find all the loom pieces in the tractor shed. What a huge effort that all that will be, but so worth it. Better light the wood stove as my fingers are almost too cold to type.

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