Monday, November 28, 2011

Blessed Event

Reba came to live with us after a neighbor asked us if we were missing a dog.  She had been hanging around his trailer and living in the field behind it.  Reba had swollen teats but, as I did not know this dog, I thought perhaps she had delivered puppies sometime in her life.   I thought all the food I was giving her was making her thick around the middle.  Yesterday Father Aaron was working on his computer with Reba sleeping beside him on the sofa.  She cried out and a dark bubble slid out of her.  Four more bubbles came out, resulting in five cute, rather hefty, healthy puppies.  Father Aaron was thrilled as he never witnessed puppies being born before.  Reba is a great mother and we are very happy to have these Holiday Pound Puppies.


Cornerstone Fibres said...

Oh my gosh they are so darn cute!!!!!!
Kim and crew

Jody said...

They might not have survived if it wasn't for you. So glad all is well and they are healthy :-)