Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes We Have Patchouli!!

Just got off the phone with Queen Melody of Rainbow Meadow. She is my essential oil guru, and the lady I trust to give me the best soap making supplies. She has some terrific, aged patchouli oil, just in from her supplier and it will be shipped to me today. If it gets here on Wednesday with the 2-day UPS delivery, I will make a batch that night. It won't be ready to wrap, but I will put it out on the table in a "cut-your-own" format and sell it by the ounce. Won't that be neat? People will get their patchouli and I will have the heavenly aroma wafting out of the booth. I feel bad for anyone with allergies who is stationed next to me. People tell me they follow the smell - works for me! Meanwhile, I just cut out some luscious fabric. Pastels don't sell as well as darker colors - but I couldn't resist these dots!!

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