Thursday, October 30, 2008

Such a Week!!

So much to tell, better start at Monday. Typing at work on the teeny-tiny lap-top they gave me for school, with a keyboard so small my big Swedish hands can't hit the right keys. Matt left for Buffalo on Monday to do weatherization training and we were making out just fine. I went to Bainbridge after work, with directions from co-workers, and picked up my two little piggies along with an unknown random sheep which turned out to be a purebred Cotswold!! (I think.) I have a student who works on a farm with piglets for sale. They got this sheep for display purposes and I think it turned out to be too big and wooly for their liking. Fine with me. She is a lovely ewe and very sociable with the rest of the flock. My two helper-students met me at my farm to help unload her and put her in the isolation dog-pen. Then we set up the pig pen behind the wall of wooden stanchions on the East End of the barn. I am so enthralled with those little porkers, they tootle along making little oink, oink noises, and are curious about everything. I come from a long line of pig farmers on my mother's side and always loved watching my folks "slop the hogs."

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Anonymous said...

Maggies -shes a beauty!!! Whats her name? And the pigges I assume are Bacon and Pork chop?? At least if Matt gets his way!