Friday, October 31, 2008

A Quick Note

Waiting for a student to come in so I thought I would post a little note. It always helps to get my head on straight when I "write" things down. What a night. Went to bed early (10 PM) exhausted then woke up at 3:30 with the White Boys barking, barking, barking into the night. Coyotes are roaming and the boys are doing what they are supposed to, but I surely could have used more sleep. Tossed and turned then got up to make the coffee cake for "goodie day" in school. I was supposed to bring fruit salad but the storm totally threw me off with shopping. I had Bisquick, eggs and milk in the house and a can of pears. I made a gorgeous cake in a big Pyrex dish and it made the house smell divine. Finally got out of the house after dropping a big pot of oatmeal while climbing the hay mow ladder to give it to the kitties. If that wasn't bad enough, I lifted the cake bag while driving to see the bottom had collapsed. Stuck my finger in and it was mush! Hadn't cooked entirely. I had to carry the uncooked dish all the way to my wing to put it in my classroom oven. Hope it gets done. I love Halloween, but didn't get it together to dress up this year. I love to dress up but only if it's done right, and I am seldom that organized. Flying by the seat of my pants is my M.O. Cold and clear this morning, warm and balmy this afternoon. Cold again this weekend. Have to get plastic over the barn windows, make soap, make hand creme, sew bags I have orders for...wish I knew how to build a new hay mow ladder!!! It's a miracle I haven't fallen out of it by now. Piggies doing fine, even Matt is enthralled with them. They burrown into the hay and make themselves a fine nest, then pop up when we pour the warm mush into the bowl. Good little piggies!

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

Holy cow!!! Look at the snow!
Hope you;re all safe and warm.