Monday, March 10, 2014

Down the Drain

Lagged behind all day due to time change.  Never understood it myself.  I guess I go on such a narrow margin of needed sleep that when I'm short an hour it doesn't work.  I was out of Friday for yet another medical test and am always concerned when I go back to work after being "absent."  Everything had gone fine except for the story I heard about electronic devices being allowed to be used in my room.  Very disturbing.  I will have to get to the bottom of that.  Not allowed, not ever.  No smart phones, no Ipods, just art.  Wonderful.  I got my numbers to the tax man today, on time for the March 15 deadline for businesses.   I've been going to this guy, a retired business teacher, for several years and like him a lot.  He's kept me out of trouble so far.  He's non-judgmental and never chastises me for my unconventional record keeping methods.  Maybe he should.  On the list of purchases for my little farm business - a Quicken program to replace my scraps of paper.  It's all up to me Baby.  While I was away teaching school and journeying to the wilds of Smithville Flats, south of Oxford, spouse was holding down the farm.  He did a beautiful thing for me today - he unplugged the frozen drain that was causing the milk room to flood.  He swept out the nasty standing water too.  Now I can wash feed dishes and buckets in the sink instead of the dirty floor.  It's the little things.  I arrived home to find him coaxing the piggies back into their pen and he was having a rough time of it, resorting to harsh language and pushing.  I showed him the error of his ways and how the magic of the bucket of corn works wonders.  Opening the pig pen before you get them to the gate helps avoid a jam up of pigs and farmer holding bucket.  There is a serious set of tusks behind those piggie lips and it's best of keep everybody moving.   My sick sheep is slowly coming around.  She's standing up and nibbling ever so slightly on the cracked corn, then lying down from the effort.  I stopped the shots but am still giving the nutri-drench, molasses, water and ground apple drink.  She does not cooperate and I smell like cookies.   Spouse helped me with chores so we could get back inside by nine thirty or so.  It's a bowl of yogurt topped with my rhubarb/strawberry preserves from last summer and beddy-bye for this girl.  Up early to make it to a 8:15 meeting at Norwich High School.  The week grinds on.

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