Sunday, March 09, 2014


I have so much to do today and don't know where to start.  If I sit here and type a while maybe it will all fall into some kind of perspective I can deal with.  Maybe.  Randoms thoughts shoot through my mind like meteors, or space debris that caused all the havoc in the movie Gravity.  Wow, what a tough chick she was.  I have to remember her.  I found the piggies roaming the barn this morning, as usual.  They had tossed all the hanging water buckets and any remaining water under the ice was spilled.  Some ran across the concrete floor where I walk back and forth and froze.  I have to tip toe or slide.  It takes three trips with three large kitty litter containers to give everybody water.  The hungry piggies thought maybe there was food in them.  There are two big pans full of frozen pig feed in their pen which they escaped from.  I know they could break it up with their tusks if they figured out how to get back in the pen.  You should see them get excited when I bring new buckets of warm slop.  I have to move Thor, or he won't let them pass by him, open the sheep gate and keep the sheep back while letting the pigs out, then pick up the buckets quickly and run over to the pig pen, undo the strap and bend back the panel.  This I do with them grunting, squealing and sniffing my legs.  The knowledge that pigs are omnivores does not escape my mind.  They are also very large and strong, but, fortunately, they are very nice piggies.  I can't take them to see Miss Tammy until I find a freezer.  As it is I don't know how spouse and I will get them out and down the road four miles to the little house behind the Chobani factory.  Will cross that bridge when I come to it.    I am going to fork hay now.  Gave spouse a break because he is on his back under the Saturn replacing the radiator.  He spent a fortune on replacing anti-freeze then bought another radiator to put in.  It's cold and windy but he's in the tractor garage.  I'm sure he's got his smart phone out and is entertaining himself by getting on to Conservative sites and starting political arguments with people.  It's an Irish thing.  Speaking of Irish, the Wild Irish Boy has a birthday next week.  Funny how someone who doesn't believe in birthdays will remind me that his birthday is coming up.  Thank goodness for tools, socks and Carhartt.  I'm still waiting for my birthday present from last October, but he informed me that his continued participation here on the farm is a daily gift.  Okay, whatever.  I have a giant box of receipts I need to go through.  Shoot me now.  Totally my fault for letting it go.  I need a computer program to enter all this stuff into.  Anybody have a favorite?

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