Monday, March 31, 2014

Hay is Life

I almost made it through the whole year....the hay mow is looking very empty these days.  I have enough hay to last through the month of April.  This was the best year I've had with hay since moving here.  No hay, no sheep.  Fingers crossed for next year.

500 pounds of goodness, green and fresh.

The cupboard is bare - where's dinner?

Round bales are layered.  Some farmers unroll the bales on the ground in the pasture for the sheep to eat.  We fork down the hay by sticking the pitchfork in the bale and walking around it.  We pitch it through the hole in the wall to the feeder below.  It's a lot of work but beats picking up heavy square bales and tossing them down which gave me a lot of shoulder trouble.   After a year of using round bales I have full range of motion again.

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Patt said...

Hoping all is well since you have been so quiet. So enjoy reading about your farm. Patt