Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday the 14th

Coals were still hot in the stove this morning.  The fairies had stoked it in the middle of the night.  The forecasted warmer temps are not here yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  I got out to the barn to do my chores and found only one piggy in with the sheep - Scarlett, the bigger Tamworth.  I toyed with the idea of leaving her in with her sheep friends but I noticed Sue Ellen was still in her pen, sleeping, like a good pig.  Scarlett saw me and started snorting and squealing "I want food."    I got her slop mixed and attempted to let her out the sheep pen door while holding the bucket of slop to entice her.  Bad move.  I should have poured the slop in the pig pen then let her out. 
It's worked before.  Holding the bucket in view of the sheep, who get to lick the bottom of the buckets every morning after I feed the pigs, was too much for Lilly.  When Scarlett came through the gate Lilly busted through and no pushing or shoving on my part would stop her.  She, and Scarlett, followed (or pushed) me into the pig pen and dove their snouts into the warm slop I poured.  Guess who is spending her day in the pig pen with the pigs?  Yes, Lilly.   There was no time to get a halter and pull her out.  I had to go to work.  With the principal's warning that I had better start getting to school on time, I said good bye to Lilly and rushed out the door.  The slop that covered my shoes would have to wait for cleaning.  My truck dash said 14 F. with wind blowing snow across the icy road.   Shortly before I reached route 8, I passed an Amish woman walking with a bag and something small held in the crook of her arm.  Her head was bent to keep the wind off her face.  She only had on that thin little cloak Amish women wear in the winter, and no gloves.  I realized the bundle in her arm was an infant child.  Oh, how I wish I could have turned around and taken her wherever she was walking!   I can't stop thinking about her, and that baby, wrapped in a blanket that did not look very substantial.  I got to school, on time, and cranked the heat up in my class room, which I hardly ever do.  I hope that Amish woman got herself and her child in front of a roaring wood stove before too long.

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