Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Better Today

I was a bit out of sorts when I got home yesterday.   Preparation for the annual observation took a lot out of me.   Administrators are in and out all year, but this time there has to be paperwork prepared and submitted with standards and incremental plans.  I picked the toughest class to be observed with - not sure why - and told him I could do this because I trusted him.  I haven't always had administrators I could trust.  The glass was always half empty.  With this new guy the glass is always half full.  He promised me if it went south we could do it over again.  Sounded good to me.  My aide cleaned the room so nicely and I even tidied up my desk.  My principal-in-training co-teacher colleague had coached me on how to craft the plan and what to say.  He watched my power-point presentation to make sure it covered my objectives.  Since we teach this class together he would be in the room even though it was my observation.  I knew he would help me if the kids went off.   I had to borrow two more oven racks from the upstairs kitchen so we could cook four pizzas at one time.  I had done big shopping and we had made pizzas with the middle school class the day before to test the method.  The time came and there he was with his Ipad and I started the class.  Sure, there was a kid with chew, and a kid sat on the table, and one kid wanted to go to the men's room.  When I showed the slide of the local pizzeria they yelled HEY!  They sell drugs! and other such nonsense, but all in all, it went as well as can be expected with my student population.  Mercifully, two kids were absent giving us eight young hellians.  Principal left without saying a word.  He had interjected some thoughts while the class was going on, mostly about his own Italian family and how they made pizza.  I had a feeling he would relate to the lesson.  Will it help me?  I'll find out on Friday.  I went home exhausted and fell asleep in the car after I turned off the key.  Their was nothing to cook for dinner and yesterday's dishes were in the sink.  Ugh.  I'm sewing every chance I get, but spouse can't stand the sound of the machine and forbids me to sew after ten.  That's when I get started.  It's cold out there now, and the wind is awful.  Had a terrible time getting the stove started when I got home.  Once I got it going a back puff filled the room with smoke and blew out the little fire.  Got it going again and saw a pig running around outside.  It was Scarlett who had wiggled out of the barnyard and couldn't get back in.  Thor guards the other door to the barn and I suspect he wasn't inviting her inside.  I got suited up and made the slop buckets.  Had to let Thor go so I could get her back in.  She came right along and went back in her pen.  Sue Ellen was in with the sheep so I had to maneuver her back in, too.  Nothing is simple.   Went in to get the dogs out to pee but couldn't let Finn come with us or he and Thor would patrol the farm, only it's not 350 acres any more.  Everybody has to go in shifts.  Finally I'm inside and I'm going to sew for a couple of hours before spouse gets home and wants his hot meal.  Oh, it's a little earlier today due to a water problem at school.  The water pressure dropped and toilets couldn't flush.  They got the kids out and sent us home at 1:30.  What bliss!  I could get used to this!!

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