Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Done

It went by so quickly.  The Fur Ball was so much fun last night.  The band, Splash, was amazing and we danced and danced.  My farmer's market friend, Cindy, and her husband were there, along with a former school colleague and the fabulous Chenango SPCA people.   Thank you, Tracy L., wherever you are, for taking home my Maggie's Farm Goody Box.  May you thoroughly enjoy everything I put in that lovely box.  I do hope you are a knitter and a spinner, since I added a lovely linen Yarn Pocket with a big ball of two ply Bluefaced Leicester hand spun yarn, pictured below.   All the goodies were nestled in a pound of Mother Fiber, which I hope you felt or spin, or, if you don't do either, give it to a felter or spinner.  Anyway, it's yours now and a few homeless kitties and doggies will have another day or two of meals.  Today was a bit slow getting started as I slept in all the way to 8:30, a miracle.  I picked up a student in New Berlin to come out to the farm and work a few hours.  I worked along with him, mucking out the bunny/kitty milk room.  I will be happy when the baby bunnies can go out to the hanging cages in the barn and the poop/pee can just fall to the floor.  It's much too cold to put them out there now.  One little tiny cutie jumped out of the nest - a fawnish/brown baby from my black angora doe.  Oh, I am enjoying raising rabbits again.  I took my student back and came home to catch some Olympics and fell asleep on the sofa for three hours.  It felt grand but put a dent in my plans for today.  Not to worry, I got chores done in time to catch the downhill racing, my absolute favorite Olympic sport.  Oh, the excitement.  Then came the skating pairs while I was making dinner.  After kitchen clean up I got set up to make Shepherd's Friend Hand Creme for some waiting orders.  Tonight's creme came out fantastically smooth and emollient, soaking in and leaving my skin silky soft.  I'll take some jars to school tomorrow in case any one needs to save their hands/face/body from this harsh winter cold.  Every night after I say my prayers I reach for a handful and start with my face, rubbing a little extra under my nose so I can inhale the lavender essential oil.  Then I massage my neck, arms, knees and feet.  Then sleep overwhelms me and I sleep so well.  A fan recently told me she can't go to sleep without my creme.  I totally understand...

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