Saturday, February 15, 2014

Still Snowing

You know, I never really mind the snow.  I have so much to do indoors that cold inclement weather gives me an excuse to stay in and do it.  The sheep are inside too.  I give them everything they need.   I go out with the dogs several times a day, and down to the dumpster with garbage.  I always stop to take in the lovely vistas all around me.   I live in a Currier and Ives calendar setting.  Does anyone ever display Currier and Ives calendars anymore?  Am I dating myself again?  When I was growing up they were ubiquitous, in so many homes and offices.  It's just so beautiful around here.  Who needs  Vermont?  Today is the first day of my "mid winter vacation."  If my phone alarm went off I didn't hear it.  I find myself needing more sleep lately, and thoroughly enjoying it.  I fought to stay awake through Bill Mahre at ten o'clock last night and didn't make it.  I'm not getting a lot done and have to step it up.  I've said it before, Maryland Sheep and Wool waits for no woman.  It's the grand hurrah for sheep people like me.  I love this show - it's all about sheep.  Maryland is very supportive of the sheep industry.  Yes, they let a token alpaca or two into the show, for the tourists, but Maryland is for sheep and shepherds.  Let's see, I have ten weeks.  Not a lot of time for people like me who make or raise everything they sell.  I am going to New Jersey this weekend to visit Mia and AJ for their birthday.  It's been more than a year since I visited Mia in Morristown to bring her gas during Hurricane Sandy.  AJ is flying home from Nevada to spend his birthday with his twin and soul mate.  I am hoping to take a basket weaving lesson Sunday morning in Flemington with Martha Dreswick, the master weaver who makes all the baskets I use in my farm booth.  We'll see if the weather cooperates.  Very much looking forward...

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