Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Still Cold and Snowy...

...just the way it should be in February, in the Great North Land.  The wood stove is chugging away, giving off glorious heat.  We're running low on wood, which is more easily found than the poor people with pellet stoves.  I've heard it is very hard to find pellets now, with this extreme cold depleting supplies in stores.  I have enough deadfall on the farm to keep us warm if we can't find wood to buy.   Am enjoying the Olympics at night, particularly the downhill racing and the ice skating.  The barn animals all seem to be doing fine with regular and ample feeding of hay and water.  The ducks and chickens are getting warm mash now along with the pigs and old ewes.  I found three duck eggs today.  Two more of the summer born ducklings are laying, to my delight.  I brought some to school to make meringue cookies for our Art Studio Valentine Bake Sale on Thursday.  Chores take between an hour or two at night, depending on how much time I want to play with Lilly and her gang, feeding them mash, then giving them apples when I'm all done with everybody else.  I'm off next week and have a stack of Bundaflicka totes ready to sew.  I'm very much looking forward to visiting AJ and Mia in New Jersey for their birthday.  We've spent too many birthdays apart.  AJ is moving East from Nevada and will be staying with Mia in Morristown while waiting for orders from the Army.  I have an appointment with Nurse Tanya early next week for a check up.  Will be relieved to find out why I have an irregular pulse of 48 - 50, which was revealed to me when I attempted to donate blood yesterday.  I've been taking it myself and it's true.   I was turned away, the first time in 30 years they wouldn't take my blood.  Very disconcerting.  I'm sure Nurse Tanya will find out what the problem is.  I wake up every morning feeling fine and keep active on a daily basis.  Maybe I need another kind of vitamin.  Time will tell.  I think I need to spin more wool.

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