Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snowing and Blowing

I got to Cooperstown for a medical appointment and back without too much trouble.  I like the health care I've been getting from Nurse Tanya and that's where she works out of.  It's 45 minutes with no traffic and clear roads.  Not quite that way this morning but I made it in time with the help of a doctor that was running a half hour behind.  Home in time for a lovely, beautiful afternoon nap.  The weather is getting really weird, with the sky turning dark and horizontal snow blown by a fierce wind that makes my big strong barn creak and shake around me.  The sky will turn blue for a few minutes, then the wind and snow returns.  We are still in the grip of a very challenging winter.  I didn't fully appreciate what I was getting into when I moved here.  I skied in all kinds of intense weather and thought I would be fine.  Taking care of animals in these harsh conditions presents different challenges.  Anyone can hunker down in a warm house and start their cars remotely. When you have to get out there and provide a barn full of animals with everything they need to survive the winter you have a tough job on your hands.  It's not for sissies. You find out what you are made of when the well-being of your animals is more important than your comfort.   I'm so thankful for my big strong barn.  The sheep are two doors away.  It's cold and we still haven't been able to keep a spigot from freezing, but the animals are out of the wind and I don't have to dig out to them.   I'm longing for lambs and kids but truth be told, this is a good winter to take off.  I would be beside myself worrying about lambsickles out there.
 The fierce wind today blew the milk room window open.  Spouse noticed it after he got home from a rough commute on route 20 from Syracuse where the white out conditions caused a five car pile up.  I got it closed and turned the dye stove oven on to prevent the plumbing from freezing.  The kitties love their oven, and sit on the lowered door, soaking in the heat.  Most of the barn cats prefer to snuggle into the boxes of wool I've left around for them.  Everybody gets some warm kitty stew at night, with dry kibble to munch on in the morning - if they can fight the roosters off it.   Spring doesn't come here until Mother's Day, and it will be beautiful.  Would spring be as sweet if we did not suffer through this harsh winter?  I don't think so.

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