Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snowed In

After a gloriously sunny sparkling winter day it's snowing again on the farm.  I'm sewing Bundaflicka totes and have four lovely bags hanging from the rafters so far.   I'm adapting the inside to hold more knitting needles securely without changing the traditional structure people like so much.   My plan is to make more folding knitting needle carriers this year, along with the Yarn Pockets - fabric bowls for round skeins of yarn.  Trouble is, whenever I make a Yarn Pocket I tend to fill it up with spools of thread or my own yarn.  They are just so handy to have around and don't fall and break like the ceramic yarn bowls that are so popular now.  I would give it a good yank and pull it right off the coffee table, or my dogs would wag a tail and send it cascading to the floor.  Not with my fabric bowls. They are sturdy and pretty, and can be squeezed into a tote bag, preventing the spool from coming undone inside.   Sewing totes is my first love, but Yarn Pockets are a good way to use up small amounts of fabric.   I finally went to see Nurse Tanya yesterday, after putting if off for years.  I'm so healthy and active, and hate anyone poking around The Temple.  Could not avoid it any longer after being turned away for donating blood.  Nurse Tanya is going to figure out why my pulse is 40, about 20 points lower than the low normal for my age.  I'm not a marathon runner so what's going on?  I feel fine but want to stay that way.   I have to go to Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown tomorrow to get fitted with a halter monitor to wear while I go about my business.  Sure hope I don't get sheep/pig/duck/chicken/dog/cat poo on it.  

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