Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Still Grey and Cold

I don't mind this weather.  Would the glorious green spring be as joyous without the cold and ice of winter?  My sheep seem happy, lying about in the snow whenever the mood moves them from the hay pack in the barn to the sunny barnyard.  The East End door is always open - has to be as it's frozen in the ice.   I'm enjoying my week "off" although it hardly seems like a vacation.  I just don't have to worry about the "other job."   This is turning out to be medical week, with a trip to the hospital to get a monitor put on.  Won't they be surprised when they read the results and ask themselves what is this lady doing?  Nothing any other farmer wouldn't do.   Not sure they would get a true reading without my going to school after chores and coming home to more chores.  My room is the farthest away from the parking lot.  I have to traverse the entire school to get to the cafeteria (a good thing).  Then there's the constant angst of working with students so oppositional  their schools have sent them to us to deal with.  Am enjoying the Olympics.  New Jersey, my home state, is so ethnic.  The women's X country sprint just ended with a clean Scandie sweep - Norway, Finland and Sweden beating all the other nations.  The Finns are about to play Russia in hockey.  Putin will be watching.  Heh, heh, heh.   I'm rooting for the Finns, no surprise.   Watching the Russian landscape on TV reminds me of the summer I was in Sweden and Finland when a teenager.  We were riding along in the wild northern frontier of Finland when a Russian car approached.  The driver of my car rolled down his window and yelled MOSKOVITCH!  HEWEE!!! and launched a giant wad of mucous at the vehicle.   Finns hate the Russians, with good reason.    I finished two Bundaflicka totes today.  What joy to sew all afternoon and never leave the farm.  When the farm is covered with snow I don't feel compelled to go outside and climb the hill, or  look for bits of old barbed wire that gets tangled in the sheep's wool.   I am happy today.  My #2 son,  Father Aaron, has received his letter from the #1 Army Chaplain in Washington, DC.  He has been accepted into the Regular Army Chaplaincy and will be leaving his National Guard unit to be full time Army.  We don't know where they will send him for this total military/religious immersion.  His unit and his church, Grace Episcopal, in Las Vegas, will sorely miss him.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing him on Friday, Mia and AJ's birthday, in Morristown where they were born.  I can't remember when we were together on their birthday, it's been so many years.  

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