Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Healthy in the New Year

I did something very unusual for me tonight - I took a nap!  It was wonderful.  I woke up with dogs stretched out all around me on the sofa, more sound asleep than I had been.  My first thought was that it was time to do chores.  The White Boys were waiting for me to take care of them, and hungry sheep would be lining up at the hay feeders.  I thought how fantastic it would be to be dressing up for a party, to have a place to go with food and friends, with music and lights, and anticipation of the magic moment.  Nothing like that here...but that's okay.  My sheep, goats, dogs, cats, ducks and chickens don't know that it's New Year's Eve. I spent a lot of time with them tonight.  The hay mow is dark and scary, but once I get up there and get to work pulling apart the big round bales and throwing it down the hatches, I forget about looking over my shoulder.  The hay mow kittties sit on top of the bales and watch me work.  I figure if they are not nervous I shouldn't be either.  I've been worried about Matilda, the other half of my Nubian pair of does.  She has hoof rot in one rear foot.  We doctored her last night, as best we could after she knocked Matt on his back, guess she is a very strong goat.  She's been hanging on the back of the barn which is unusual for her.  I thought maybe she doesn't like Knut in the barn where she likes to wait for corn.  Something is going on with her and I'm worried.  I sat down on the hay with her, and had a lovely visit.  She let me stroke her back, scratch her chest, put my nose on her nose, and rub the top of her head around her horns.  When I stopped and put my hand on my leg she bent down and touched it with her forehead.  What a sweetie.  She's nibbling on hay but won't eat any corn.  I'm glad I'm home with her tonight and tomorrow.  Cats jumped on my back and shoulders and sheep, unused to seeing me sit on the hay, gathered around to take part in this pow-wow.  It was a very special moment with my friends, who give me so much on a daily basis, more than words can express.  My life would be very empty without them.  We'll hang tough and hang together and wait out the winter, dreaming of green fields, sunny skies and spring water.  Life is good on the farm.

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Kayten said...

I either straddle my goats when I do their feet or snub them up to a wall and lean against them. It helps some. Could she be in hat? that puts them off their feed sometimes. Hoof rot is awful, especially if you can't administer antibiotics. Epsom salt soaks with a little bleach helps, but wear old clothes!