Sunday, December 30, 2012


Sheep under a year old are considered lambs, even though they are growing into great big lovely sheep.  My lambs are still in the maternity pen, don't ask me why.  Yes, I know's because I am the Italian mama of the sheep world.  I'm not as bad as I used to be.  The mature sheep don't get any grain unless they are lactating.  I like to keep the nursing lambs and their moms separate from the rest of the giant marauding girls and wethers who think nothing of pushing them out of the way of their dinner.  My Bluefaced Leicester/Border Leicester lambs are looking good.  Little Robert, a smaller twin, born the night before I left for NY State Sheep and Wool in October,  is coming along nicely.  He should be as he is still getting a bottle twice a day.  When I start back to work next week I'm cutting it down to one bottle a day and when the bag is done that's it.  They are getting a cracked corn snack and plenty of good hay.  Mom is a screamer and has taught the little ones to make a lot of noise when they hear the barn door slam.  Oy. 

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Anonymous said...

Look at those faces :) Of course they call out when they see the giver of all good things coming!
HUGs to all!
Kim and the crew