Thursday, December 27, 2012


My Conservation Dept. kids in the BOCES Vo-Tech school where I work had a fresh fruit sale.  Well, I had missed the sale last year having no students in that department.  I made up for lost time this year.  Grapefruit is kind of expensive when purchased in the grocery store, and they are not always in season.  I bought two big boxes along with two boxes of Tangelos.  Oh, are they sweet and delicious.  I have a juicer in the classroom and the kids make their own orange and grapefruit juice when we cook breakfast in the morning.  I decided to buy Luke a juicer and bring him a box of each at Christmas.  Matt found a nifty Cuisinart machine - on sale even - in the mall and we were all set.  I had a little nervousness about giving a young boy such a "healthy" gift.  No need to worry - when Luke opened the juicer he dropped everything and carried it into the kitchen to set it up.  The high-tech trendy toys were left on the carpet while he made us all fresh juice for Christmas morning breakfast, and he had a blast doing it.  I was so fulfilled.

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