Thursday, December 27, 2012


Little Fergus was picked by Hannah and Luke last summer to go home to the new house in Maine.  They made an adorable video where they sang and danced with the little kitty and begged their parents for permission.  Luckily Mom and Dad said yes and Fergus became a Mainer.  Fergus has a very colorful personality and looks at you like a person would, quizzically cocking his head and speaking to you with a intense "meow."    He loves to ride on your shoulder and is very sociable.  Annie says when Hannah goes to school Fergus  wanders around the house calling for her.  He has another kitty friend, Todd, who is very shy and only comes out in the wee hours of the morning or when the house calms down in the evening.  Who knows what they say to each other face to face?   Fergus is much loved by the family but I did hear some comments about how he sneezes too much, and how he was sick when they brought him home, and how Annie found a vet to neuter and cure him, and how tests determined he did not have any serious cat diseases, surprisingly, since he came from a barn cat population, and how he was an "expensive cat."  I listened for three days and only heard him sneeze once.  The humans sneezed much more often.  Perhaps he has allergies to carpets, or cleaning products, whatever.  I said maybe I should take Fergus home to the farm but they didn't take me up on my offer.   I meant to clip Fergus' nails before I left, but couldn't find my little scissors and nobody had a nail clipper.  Maybe next time.

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