Thursday, December 27, 2012

Booker's Elk Horn

There was a vendor at the Plowshare's Craftsfair selling doggie gifts.  He called his shop The Barkery and  was across from me and hard to ignore, as I love dogs and Christmas in Maine was coming up.  I looked at a large elk horn, shed from an elk on a reservation, and listened as the man told me how elk horns do not split and endanger the dog.  I purchased it, thinking of Booker and how he does not have access to all the gnarly bones my dogs do.  I have a soft spot for Booker, and am so happy he recovered so well from the horrific accident on a San Jose highway a couple of years back.  Well, Booker took one look at that horn in the doggie bag and claimed it as his own.  Poor Dizzy and Perdita.  I have a lot of making up to do with the two little doggies.

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